Enhancing a Hotel’s Workforce Management

Project Overview

A leading global hotel chain wanted to update its technology to create a more consistent workforce management (WFM) approach. By reaching out to Eventus Solutions Group, the hotel hoped to turn its technology rollout into an opportunity to increase efficiency and profitability.

Client Challenge

With more than 100,000 employees across several brands worldwide, this hotel chain’s management has long recognized its people as its most important asset. However, dated WFM systems and processes made it difficult to appropriately forecast and schedule contact center labor.

Inefficient processes
By standardizing processes, the hotel chain’s management hoped to boost efficiency in the day-to-day operations of its global contact centers and strengthen labor performance.

Obsolete technology
Dated WFM technology operating across disparate platforms was bogging down contact center performance. However, implementing an entirely new WFM system and rolling out the training to bring its thousands of call center agents up to speed would be no easy task.

This hotel giant knew it needed to modernize its WFM systems to remain competitive in the fast-evolving hospitality world and maintain its customer service edge.


All of the pieces required to drive this WFM transformation put the hotel chain at risk of implementation missteps. Eventus stepped in to map out the journey from system selection through implementation and agent training.

Assessment of staffing requirements
Eventus dug into the contact centers’ current WFM approach to identify opportunities for implementing new efficiency-oriented processes. This audit of platforms, processes and people identified the most impactful changes and investments to improve the hotel’s contact center operations and business outcomes.

WFM system set-up
Eventus updated the current intraday management solution, implemented industry-leading forecasting and scheduling platforms, and fine-tuned forecast parameters.


To strengthen its WFM efficiency, the hotel chain had Eventus guide the rollout of an appropriate software solution, address departmental redundancies, and train staff on new processes and system operation.

Global process standardization
Based on the assessment of global WFM teams and processes, Eventus developed an 18-month roadmap for standardization and a solution for the consolidation of intraday WFM departments.

Intraday migration
Through the efficiencies gained with the optimized approach to workforce forecasting and scheduling, Eventus helped the hotel giant consolidate 21 global intraday WFM departments into three Center of Excellence offices.

System administration and training
Training on WFM software was rolled out across five sites around the globe. To support long-term workforce training on the new systems and processes, Eventus developed a 180-page WFM Playbook that documents procedures and best practices.


In just over a year, Eventus transformed this hotel chain’s approach to contact center workforce management, developing new efficiencies and uncovering tremendous value.

Achieving new levels of performance
The assessment of current WFM operations allowed Eventus to develop a tailored approach that integrates 12 new efficiency-oriented processes that have improved contact center performance.

Annual cost savings
Through these efficiency improvements, the hotel giant realized a total annual cost savings of $880,000.

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