Customer Experience Transformation

Project Overview

Eventus guided a personal care product provider through a customer experience (CX) transformation that paved the way for rapid, scalable international growth.

Client Challenge

The fast pace of this network-sales firm’s domestic and international expansion proved a strain to its existing resources. With disparate platforms and inefficient processes in place, it became increasingly difficult to create a seamless customer experience for its direct sale consultants. The strain of managing frustrated consultants using obsolete systems impacted employees as well, ultimately leading to costly agent turnover. As costs rose, further expansion into new markets seemed more impossible.

To rein in these costs, the company knew that any process and technology improvements would need to improve the experience for both internal contact center agents and its direct sales consultants.

Inefficient processes
Disparate platforms created data siloes while dated technologies made for an altogether clunky experience for agents and consultants. The resulting high average handling times were driving up the cost of each interaction.

Budget constraints
The company was growing faster than its budget could support. As it became more difficult to keep up with the pace of growth, contact center labor attrition rates increased, further driving up costs.

The network-sales firm turned to Eventus to transform its CX experience with updated technology and outsourced management services.


Eventus committed to a three-year contract to guide its client through a full CX transformation and optimization project.

Comprehensive CX roadmap
Within the first 90 days of its contract with the personal care product provider, Eventus created a detailed project scope and vendor strategy to guide project commitments and set expectations for a contractual guarantee of cost savings.

Workforce management solutions
Workforce management solutions better aligned agent schedules to incoming call volumes, while real-time adherence metrics helped drive consistent improvements on agent productivity. The changes led to dramatic improvements in call center occupancy from below 70% to 87%.

Upgraded telephony
An updated telephony platform allowed for more self-service options and overall process improvements. Even with ongoing platform management, this investment reduced global telephony spend by more than $500,000.

Quality assurance
Eventus evaluated and scored more than 10,000 interactions between agents and consultants to identify opportunities for improvement.

Customer relationship management
Eventus took on the management and support of ongoing changes to its client’s CRM system, driving platform efficiencies that shaved an average of 45 seconds off each contact.


Eventus paved the way for this personal care product provider to achieve sustainable, scalable international growth.

Workforce cost efficiencies
Through this improved CX, Eventus’ client was able to reduce agent attrition by more than 12%, creating cost savings of $460,000 each year. What’s more, workforce management solutions better aligned agent schedules to incoming call volumes—allowing the company to right-size headcount to a cost savings of $1.4 million, all without compromising on CSAT scores.

Exceeded cost savings expectations
Through technology and process improvements, Eventus helped reduce call center costs by 20% by month 11—three months ahead of its contractual guarantee of savings.

Unlocked EBITDA savings
Through the tremendous savings generated by these improvements, this expanding network-sales organization was able to leverage its EBITDA savings to drive valuation and securely position itself for acquisition by a beauty product sales innovator that could provide the resources the company needed to drive its next transformation.

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