Providing Strong Foundations for the Improvements that Advance CX


Eventus’ consultants help enterprises and organizations Design the Model needed to form a strong foundation for improved operational processes, a superior employee experience and appropriate technology to support their CX vision. Clients benefit from exposure to our team’s experience with hundreds of methodologies, technologies and successful implementations, as well as Big 4 consulting experience. Yet we tailor every engagement to meet clients’ unique needs. Our highly collaborative process leverages proven methods, while respecting clients’ cultures and objectives. We focus our process on driving specific positive outcomes and eliminating barriers to achieving those outcomes. When our clients win, we win.

Solution Blueprint

When technology projects are not aligned with your business requirements or ecosystem, they can grow too large or fail outright. A Solution Blueprint ensures your digital transformation’s success. Eventus’ solutions architects assess potential problems and develop systematic solutions that align technologies, processes and people with your operational goals. This alignment prevents typical projects overruns that can too easily destroy ROI and delay digital launches. Moreover, it lays the groundwork for future growth by creating a stable foundation from which enterprises can easily scale.

Operational Efficiency

Eventus helps clients optimize their customer service operations to reduce costs and complexity while creating a superior operational experience. By looking at key processes in workforce management and quality, as well as the technology platforms utilized, our consultants are able to create a more efficient operation that requires less customer effort. Clients find these improvements increase agility and lower the cost per interaction by automating away tedious tasks, providing self-service options, and optimizing the rest. These efforts lead to extraordinary gains, driving value to both the top and bottom lines.

Employee Experience

An exceptional customer experience depends upon the ease with which customers interact with digital interfaces and your employees, making a satisfying employee experience of paramount importance. Improved employee satisfaction can directly improve your NetPromoter Scores and CSAT scores by empowering employees to do more for your customers. It can also prevent the costs of attrition from disenfranchised employees who struggle to serve customers. Eventus begins its process with a review of the experience of the front-line employees who interact with customers every day. Our experts identify clear opportunities for employees to more effectively complete their jobs and delight customers at every interaction.

Product Selection

Not all technology is created equal, and not every vendor is equipped to deliver your CX vision, but sorting through these options can be overwhelming. Making the right choice upfront is critical to prevent the transition costs of switching away from a mis-selected vendor that can’t deliver and discouraging employees with excessive change. Eventus ensures that your selected product vendors will provide your most valued capabilities—and that they are contractually motivated to make the best decisions for your enterprise or organization.

Learn How To Leverage The Trends To Transform CX

Customer experience (CX) initiatives remain one of the top priorities of most executives, yet few know how and where to begin. You can dip your toes into the shallow waters of small-scale CX change, or you can set the stage for a transformative CX approach leveraging one of the five key trends identified in our guide.

The Eventus strategic consulting team brings talent and experience to enterprises and organizations to lead or supplement Customer Experience initiatives.