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With over 300 projects completed, an expert team with decades of experience in designing, operating and optimizing contact centers, and successful implementations and integrations of nearly every major customer service and CX technology provider, Eventus is always at the forefront of innovation and the industry trends driving disruption.

As the contact center industry grows, including the tremendous growth of Business Process Outsourcing, which top analysts are forecasting to continue for years to come, standing still means moving backwards as large enterprises and organizations continue to invest in improving customer experience to remain competitive, and to derive unprecedented insights using data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA) and more.

With smart devices and connected interfaces also experiencing explosive growth, generating unprecedented volume and velocity of data and networked services, opportunities abound, while challenges associated with consumer privacy and security also rise. Eventus has developed proven methodologies and an array of options which we have implemented across many large and often complex organizations, bringing them the right software and platforms designed to deliver outstanding CX while also reducing operational complexities and costs. We continually develop our own technologies and are expert in integrating and unifying data and features across multiple systems for a “single pane of glass” view with our market leading IntelligenceHub™.

Cloud Contact Center

Cloud contact centers leverage the benefits of software functionality that was previously only accessible with expensive, hard-to-maintain, high capex and opex infrastructure. Today’s modern contact centers run on applications available through the internet, with features including cybersecurity, availability, redundancy and premium quality of voice, data and live video interactive features designed too optimize omnichannel services on the web, mobile devices, and more. It is no longer necessary for organizations to be locked into expensive, on-premise contact center infrastructure that won’t scale. Technical debt is a challenge, but with the right transformation plan and future platform, dramatic improvements are possible in a relatively short period of time.

Channel Orchestration

Supporting customers’ multi-channel engagement preferences is table stakes for any organization in today’s world. Eventus works with Clients to determine the most optimal methods to deliver voice and enable email, messaging and social into the contact center. While factors such as business processes, platform capabilities and license costs are taken into account, Eventus enables our Clients to realize coherent and cohesive journeys across these traditional and digital channels by leveraging our best practices of channel orchestration. Eventus brings deep expertise in the three primary segments of channel orchestration. From a natural escalation perspective, Eventus techniques ensure a customer experience design is fluid when transitioning between interaction types, such as an automated IVR/chatbot to a live agent, within your contact center. From a contextual transferal standpoint, Eventus frameworks facilitate context and insight garnered in one interaction help optimize the following interaction, such shifting from a chat session to a voice call at a later time. From a choreographed interactions paradigm, Eventus designs channel deflection and proactive outreach strategies to invoke the optimal engagement channel to facilitate the customer’s desired outcome.

Self-Service & Bots

While the core concepts of self-service through an IVR have been around for decades, many enterprises endeavor to expose more customer self-serve opportunities and to significantly improve containment rates across the contact center. Eventus engages with our Clients to identify new and existing business processes that can effectively be exposed through voice and digital channels. Employing various technologies such as speech analytics to identify and authenticate customers, NLU/NLI to discover intent and navigate workflows and suites of API tools to orchestrate self-service applications with backend enterprise services along with a design approach that utilizes cognitive psychology, Eventus assists our Clients to deliver self-service applications that have high adoption/utilization rates that contribute positively to overall customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence

AI comes in many forms, and is transforming every part of the contact center including virtual agents, replacement of IVRs, agent optimization, 100% quality programs, business insights including adoption of voice transcriptions so every conversation can be measured, agent routing based on knowledge and skill levels, regulatory compliance, marketing compliance and the scoring of nearly every activity. Contact centers are no longer cost centers built around operational performance and cost containment; today, contact centers are providing enormous value through the gathering and analysis of data in near real time, or even in real time. This is made possible by the move to the cloud, and innovations by many technology companies, including Eventus, that fuel the transformation of CX behind the digital transformation of nearly every product and industry.

cEventus IntelligenceHub

Leveraging our IntelligenceHub innovation, we build connectors between systems and manage the organization of big data, while also analyzing that data to extract meaningful insights that impact not only customer service, but which also inform improvements to our Clients’ products, services, sales and marketing campaigns and more. We have a unique proprietary data model that captures data from source systems at the most granular level. This allows us to join data across multiple systems and analyzed at a deep level to surface areas of greatest opportunity. These cross-system insights are a powerful leverage in driving real change. Easy access to your reports means immediate answers with supporting data to drive your business in the right direction. Our platform has introduced 35+ different report dashboards, consisting of over 100 individual report views, with new views being added regularly.

Gain-Share Models

At Eventus, we are so confident in our ability to improve business outcomes, including reducing cost while improving customer service and experiences, that we have innovated gain-sharing agreements. We contract with many of our Clients in a way that rewards innovation, productivity and profitability outside the terms of a traditional master services agreement. When our Clients save money, we share in their cost savings, reducing risks associated with transformational programs and more. We have mastered the framework for such agreements, including clear and specific governance and oversight, responsibilities, requirements for investment or co-investment, all done in the spirit of sharing risk equitably while benefitting in the rewards of improvements measure by mutually agreed key performance indicators.

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Most contact centers struggle to get unified information about their operation. Some operations solve this problem by pulling data from multiple sources and combining them on a one-off basis, leading to inaccurate data, slow time to produce, and greater expense.

We continually develop our own technologies and are experts in integrating and unifying data and features across multiple systems for a “single pane of glass” view with our market-leading IntelligenceHub™.