A Clear Pathway to Realize Your CX Vision 

In a business environment where customer experience (CX) has become the battleground for market share, a successful customer experience strategy must start with a clear vision around competitive, sustainable customer experiences, engagement and service programs. This vision guides a strategy that remains flexible enough to adapt to changing customer expectations, evolving technologies, and opportunities to differentiate through insight driven interactions. Our solutions go beyond defining this vision to creating a strategy for successfully implementing recommendations that deliver significant business benefits.

CX Vision

Eventus helps businesses thoroughly define a future customer experience that aligns with their values, corporate objectives and changing market pressures. Through this, organizations gain the focus and clarity needed to drive forward specific CX activities with support from all stakeholders. Eventus adds insight into industry trends across CX, guiding clients to strategies that flexibly meet evolving expectations while differentiating from competitors and achieving identified business goals.

Capability Assessments

Eventus utilizes a proprietary framework and scoring system to help organizations assess their current capabilities and operating maturity against those required to achieve their CX vision and goals. This includes a full audit of clients’ customer engagement platforms, productivity tools, processes, and people. The result is a clear picture of strengths and weaknesses against leading capability maturity. Clients use this assessment as a guide for prioritizing changes, focusing investment, and improving operations to align more competitively with industry best practices. With gap analyses, comparison against industry peers, and thorough investigations into how our clients can serve their customers aligned to the identified CX Vision, Eventus helps you prioritize capabilities to effectively bridge the gap between today and tomorrow.

Transformational Roadmap

A transformational roadmap is an actionable plan for how to move beyond your current capabilities to achieve your CX vision. This roadmap compiles a series of customer actions into an overall plan that can be mapped to specific customer experience improvements. This timeline is fleshed out with customer sentiment and emotions in order to maximize overall impact. We then collaborate with clients to define improvements that lead to the experiences that improve customer retention, repeat business, and positive customer referrals. Better still, this plan often includes “quick win” opportunities that help businesses rapidly realize process improvements and financial benefits to secure stakeholder support, prevent overinvestment, reduce risk, and inspire confidence. 

Benefits Cases

Attaching a business case to your vision and roadmap actions gives executive management confidence in this strategic methodology and helps you gain faster approval for action. Eventus delivers a business case that identifies the financial implications of each recommended action based on the balance of complexity, risk, cost, and revenue. This insight allows for more predictable plans for investments and insight into the benefits that can be expected over time. With this financial planning, clients prevent overspending on their CX transformation, increase transparency, and ensure they get the biggest bang for their investment buck.

Check Out The Work@Home Data

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The Eventus strategic consulting team brings talent and experience to enterprises and organizations to lead or supplement Customer Experience initiatives.