Delivering Managed Solutions that Go Beyond Traditional Contact Centers


A well-organized, effective contact center is vital to our Clients, as we support them in delivering world-class customer service driven by business goals, measure by business outcomes, and verifiable based on key performance indicators. Outstanding contact center operations includes a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, ranging from day-to-day management and troubleshooting to strategic decisions which can be informed by data and insights derived by capturing and analyzing every conversation, and every agent interaction. Collaborating closely with our Clients, Eventus established the ideal team structure and roles, best practices for inbound calls, and omni-channel engagement, across voice, text, social, web chat and more. Customer satisfaction, agent performance, and measurable financial results drive how we plan and run contact centers. Planning, measuring, and optimizing contact center operations is different for every company and brand, and done with excellence and agility, and has resulted in more revenue and profits for our Clients.

Forecasting & Scheduling

Eventus operations teams generate requirements using industry-leading forecasting and staffing platforms. Detailed, accurate requirements enable efficient agent hiring and scheduling, as well as optimized off-phone activity planning, all of which work to reduce cost and improve center performance. By analyzing monthly, weekly, daily, and interval-level forecast accuracy trends, we identify changing trends and fine-tune forecast parameters. We empower our Clients and partners by providing the most accurate, up-to-date, actionable forecasts possible.

Real Time Monitoring

Knowing what happens as it happens drives outstanding customer experiences at scale, when done with the right tools and right philosophies. From agents on the front lines to the managers and coaches who focus supporting those agents, visibility into trends makes it possible for Eventus to provide comprehensive Managed Solutions, while providing our Clients with business intelligence and insights often lost in traditional contact centers. Real Time Monitoring enables leaders to evaluate agent performance in the moment, provide immediate feedback and offer support while giving managers a top-down view of queues and channels, and contributes to better budget management.

Quality Assurance

Eventus includes Quality Assurance experts as part of every Managed Solutions team. We capture and analyze agent behaviors and how they correlate to business goals including speed to resolution, first call resolution, CSAT scores, and NetPromoter Scores among other metrics. Our Quality Assurance programs leverage both individual and team analyses for better understanding of where an agent of coach needs further training or development. This information also aids in recognizing and celebrating the agent’s strengths and allows for best practices to be identified and modeled for other agents.

Vendor Management

Our technology partner ecosystem is growing constantly, as we seek to master all world-class software and cloud platforms to give our Clients their choice of a primary platform, and auxiliary services through the appropriate combination of capabilities. With so much change in the industry, it can be difficult to decide what to build and with whom to partner. Eventus helps in selecting the right vendors and managing them as part of our Managed Solutions commitments.

Check Out The Pega CRM System

Your CRM is a big component of your customer engagement processes, and for CRM suites to be truly successful, they must enable consistent and personalized customer experiences across channels, business and administrator tooling, processes and work flows, security, permissions, and more.

World class Customer Experiences are driven by best-of-breed Technology, and an outcome-focused Operation.