Delivering Managed Solutions that Go Beyond Traditional Contact Centers


Optimized contact center operations have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, ranging from day-to-day management and troubleshooting to strategic decisions informed by data analytics and insights. Collaborating closely with our clients, Eventus established the ideal team structure and roles, best practices for inbound calls, and omni-channel engagement across voice, text, social, web chat and more. Customer satisfaction, agent performance, and measurable financial results drive how we plan and run contact centers. Planning, measuring, and optimizing contact center operations is tailored for every company and brand, and performed with excellence and agility—and has resulted in greater revenue and profits for our clients.

Workforce Optimization

By connecting clients with best-of-breed vendors and engineering relevant processes, we help implement workforce optimization strategies that provide outstanding boosts to productivity and improve cost control. We focus on solutions that provide sophisticated predictive modeling of workforce demand to improve forecast accuracy. Matching labor with this predicted demand helps reduce waste. We also provide superior training to ensure agents have the correct skills, with performance management that enables leaders to identify the skills of successful agents and model training after their behaviors. Partnering with an experienced partner with a global footprint allows clients to consistently apply industry best practices across their worldwide workforce.

Interaction Analytics

Eventus helps clients unify, simplify and amplify data from across contact center platforms to extract meaningful insights that impact customer service and inform improvements to products, services, sales and marketing campaigns. Convert recorded speech into text to drive data visualization and analytics, and eliminate delays in obtaining performance-related metrics tied to customers and employees. Use daily measurements of agent performance and customer feedback to improve your CSAT. Apply analytics and insights to drive automation of manual processes. With the right analytics in place, we ensure clients can act on opportunity as it arises.

Knowledge Management

By digitizing agent and customer content and creating a single searchable version, we help our clients better deliver on customer promises and provide a more consistent customer experience across all channels. Capturing employee knowledge through industry-leading content management practices also significantly reduces employee training costs and the risk of errors on the job. We help curate your team’s knowledge from existing material and deploy a knowledge management system through authors, governance and technology.

Customer Satisfaction

We help you ensure your customers are being heard. To this end, Eventus captures agent behaviors and analyzes how they correlate to business goals. We employ various techniques, from surveys to verbal feedback to listening to agent interactions among other metrics in order to measure how happy customers are with your products, services and experiences. This process eliminates the guesswork around customer happiness and agent performance—and provides the responsive customer measurement needed to reduce customer churn.

Build a Better Case for Contact Center Transformation

Stop struggling to create a business case for contact center transformation. Overcome the obstacles that are pushing back on your contact center initiatives. This guide puts the keys to winning project funding in your hands.

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