A Roadmap for a Tech-Fueled Future

Project Overview

Eventus puts this state health plan on the road to a more efficient and cost-effective technology portfolio. Through a current state assessment and roadmap, Eventus identified and implemented $35 million in net cost savings over a three-year study period.

Client Challenge

This state health plan knew the outdated and disparate technology solutions spanning its seven internal and additional outsource locations were slowing its responsiveness. However, revenue pressure demanded the organization ensure any contact center solution investments lower costs while improving service.

Obsolete technology
In addition to a voice recording architecture already at its end of life, the health plan was burdened by highly distributed, redundant and overly complex automatic call distribution, computer telephony integration, and reporting systems.

Poor usability
The existing agent desktop featured poor usability and offered no omnichannel support, stifling consumers’ ability to easily interact with their health plan.

This state health plan knew it needed to modernize and streamline its contact center systems to better serve consumers while reining in costs.


The state health plan recruited Eventus to help build a comprehensive roadmap guiding its contact center technology investments and implementation timing.

Current state assessment
Eventus analyzed the current state of technology infrastructure and applications to create a baseline. Next, it outlined strategies for achieving the desired future. Analysis of the resulting gap between these two states created a clear path forward.

Roadmap for action
Eventus created a three-year technology roadmap supported by business cases and established financial models. This roadmap helped the health plan prioritize project investments and time action based on resource availability.


Eventus prioritized contact center changes that would help the health plan centralize systems, reduce operational costs, and streamline access for customers across their preferred channels.

Centralized systems
Not only did Eventus identify opportunities to centralize recording architecture, the team also centralized its client’s automatic call distribution using existing assets.

Outsourced appropriate services
Eventus shifted its client from an expensive IVR solution to a hosted IVR system that brought down costs without sacrificing quality. It also shifted outsourcers to the client’s internal automatic call distribution system.

Improved routing options
The health plan enhanced its computer telephony integration for more effective call routing. In addition, the organization implemented a fully omnichannel-capable cloud CRM platform.


Through its careful analysis and planning, Eventus transformed this health plan’s technology portfolio and helped it unlock new value.

Infrastructure cost savings
The technology roadmap outlined more than $35 million in net savings cost over the three-year study period, with $19.6 million due to CRM desktop improvements and $15.6 million in contact center infrastructure.

Implemented as designed
The technology portfolio transformation was completed exactly as planned – on time, on budget, and without change requests.

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