A Not-for-Profit’s Contact Center and Back-End Operations

Project Overview

Through a contact center audit and overhaul of back-end processes, Eventus helped a national not-for-profit advocate for seniors secure the best blend of technology and process improvements with contact center outsourcing to achieve its highest customer satisfaction rates at the lowest operating cost.

Client Challenge

This not-for-profit was committed to empowering seniors with information—but finding the right information wasn’t always easy for customers reaching out to the nonprofit organization’s contact center. An outdated interactive voice response (IVR) system created inefficiencies in the call flow and disparate back-end technologies produced ineffective customer identification that made it difficult for customers to resolve issues. The result was a hit to customer satisfaction rates.

The organization knew it needed a better solution to efficiently manage contacts with its tens of millions of customers. Aging technology and budget constraints pushed the organization’s executive team to reach out to Eventus for insight into a 10-year plan to improve customer contacts and rein in costs while improving labor performance.

Inefficient in-house processes
This not-for-profit’s inefficient back-office operations were driving low productivity, resulting in inflated costs and decreased customer satisfaction rates.

Disconnected and obsolete technologies
Despite its commitment to connect seniors with products and information across a range of solutions, disparate and obsolete technologies hindered the not-for-profit’s ability to provide the dynamic support needed across channels for their senior membership.

Budget constraints
Budget pressure pushed executives to explore solutions for the high-cost contact center operations. The not-for-profit considered competitive outsourcing, but they weren’t sure this move would be enough to offset mounting costs.

Leadership turned to Eventus to optimize its back-end solutions with improved technology integration and the most impactful outsourcing support.


This not-for-profit’s commitment to better serve its customers led the organization to take a holistic approach to investing in internal improvements and managed contact center solutions.

Optimized in-house operations
Through a contact center assessment, Eventus identified where its client could replace disparate technologies with a more effective integrated solution. This included a CRM desktop replacement and a modern cloud-based IVR product.

Consulting on vendor contracts
The success of the initial solution gave the organization confidence in Eventus’ expertise in the contact center space. It’s why the nonprofit engaged with Eventus to lead multiple RFPs to assess and identify with trusted contact center BPO vendors and to determine the latest technology that best balanced the not-for-profit’s cost and performance needs.

Outsourcing managed solutions
Eventus ensured its client’s carefully designed customer service experience was seamlessly deployed through technology managed services. Services managed through a single Command Center optimize workloads and ensure greater insight into the complete customer journey.


Eventus helped this not-for-profit create a sustainable strategy to improve customer satisfaction.

Optimized labor performance
With the implementation of a modern IVR solution, this organization can now help customers rapidly reach the right solution for their desired outcome—and reduce average handle time (AHT) by 19%.

Proven improvements in customer satisfaction
Lower AHT and more streamlined solutions proved impactful, as customer satisfaction improved by 20% and helped achieve new highs in this not-for-profit’s CSAT scores.

Sustainable operating costs
In the initial 3-year contracting period alone, this organization realized $45.2 million in cost savings and its lowest operating cost to date.

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