Introducing Our New IntelligenceHub™ Whitepaper
JULY 2020
Jeff Tropeano

Today we are pleased to announce we have published a new whitepaper focused on the challenges and opportunities big data is bringing to contact centers and CX platforms. Written by Heather Barrow, an expert in Business Intelligence platforms, and leader of our IntelligenceHub product strategy, development, deployment and management, this whitepaper brings big data analytics “into the open” and into a new world where enterprises and organizations can own, control and optimize their data, using it to drive dramatically improved productivity and business outcomes.

As Heather explains, “Ensuring the control, protection and use of data is leading to multiple questions related to privacy that must be taken into consideration. Data analytics is undeniably driving innovation based on the collection, storage, and analysis of increasingly large quantities of data from a broad array of sources.”

Our cloud-based software solution, which Eventus began developing with key managed solutions clients several years ago, is important in driving personalized, predictive and productive CX, which earlier this year our CTO Greg Weber laid out in his whitepaper, Orchestrating Customer Experiences.

When we began working on these whitepapers earlier this year, we were only at the beginning of understanding the COVID-19 pandemic, which has kept our entire company extremely busy as we have been called to service – to help our existing clients adapt to Work@Home models, and to onboard new clients who sought us out to help them accelerate their digital transformations so they too could provide support to agents whose jobs became exponentially more challenging.

Personalizing experiences requires data, and data stewardship and integrity to protect privacy while also make conversations as simple, fast and satisfying as possible, so as we release this new whitepaper, which also reflects a tremendous amount of additional investment in enriching and further automating the already advanced IntelligenceHub platform we are seeing new and immediate applications for the “next new normal.”

Here are a few excerpts from the whitepaper to illustrate what that means:

Today, as we surge into this third new decade, virtual contact centers and CX programs are becoming so intelligent that big data analytics and automation are inevitable. Brick and mortar centers are being altered or even completely replaced by fully virtualized and digitally transformed contact center and CX platforms requiring little or no capex.

So much value is being created through new technologies and business models that investments are being made not in traditional contact centers but in data analytics that lead to unique insights that are tightly coupled with marketing campaigns for a full customer lifecycle experience. Now, contact centers can understand the life cycle of customer engagement which allows them to enhance the company’s ongoing relationship with customers and continuously improve their experience with the business.

This is all being supported by big data in the cloud, and it brings new challenges for operators and enterprises. The variety of digital communication channels available today inevitably produces a diverse data landscape that many businesses find difficult to navigate. Multiple applications scattered across an enterprise managed by different business units creates another layer of complexity.”

More than ever, companies are struggling with the mountains of data scattered across their enterprise in different systems and formats, and many businesses who attempted to roll out BI platforms have failed, not only because of the challenges that a diverse data landscape presents, but because many businesses lack a comprehensive BI strategy that takes a multidisciplinary approach.

In this whitepaper, we share a vision for a multidisciplinary approach and BI insights that benefit departments from marketing to sales, from customer service to continual improvement. One of our themes here at Eventus is “Simplify, Unify, Amplify,” and IntelligenceHub is  manifestation of that mission with data connectors from any major contact center platform, and connectors between systems that pull data into a single view with actionable insights.

With IntelligenceHub™ you can:

  • Realize the full potential of your contact center data
  • Unify data silos
  • Future proof your contact center data model
  • Transform the way you communicate, quantify and share insights
  • Use data-driven decision making to strengthen your workforce and improve customer satisfaction

 With IntelligenceHub 3.0, our latest Mega Release, our clients are taking their unified contact center data and analytics to the next level, with exciting new features, a more intuitive experience, significantly faster performance, and the ability to personalize how they interact with the platform using Subscriptions and Alerts.

We hope you enjoy reading the whitepaper as much as we enjoyed developing it and as much as we continue to enjoy collaborating with our clients and partners to continually add more features and more value.  You can learn more here.

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