At Times Like These, How We Respond Matters More Than Ever

We’re in the business of helping people. We design, build and manage Customer Experiences — whether through contact centers or online that solve problems and enhance relationships. So, it is no wonder that when our leadership team witnessed the explosion of cases and absorbed the guidance regarding social distancing and mandates for people to work from home, we kicked into high gear.

Within days, even as we were engaging with hundreds of Clients to help them think through their options, we created systematic, practical, and easy to implement programs for our Managed Services Clients to rapidly adapt to this crisis.

Launched contingent workforce with Agent at Home solution.  400 FTEs in less than 48 hours!

Eventus Solutions to COVID-19 CX Pain Points
We are seeing six common pain points emerging for CX leaders from this COVID-19 pandemic.
What Have We Done So Far?

We’re proud of our success stories helping Clients through this painful time, and will continue to share them here.

For a major retail brand that was unable to deploy Agent-at-Home due to legacy technology infrastructure, we stood up our “Contact-Center-in-a-Box” technology solution, and utilized a 500-person strong out-of-work retail workforce to answer Client help calls.  They called us on a Friday.  We built the solution over the weekend and launched the solution on Wednesday night.

For our Managed Services Clients, we built our Managed Services Rapid Response Solutions with no additional charges.

Triage Voice to Digital: we moved volumes to digital channels and enhance customer self-service to help “flatten the curve.” We launched digital channels for a voice-only retail Client in four hours. We deflected volume for a health products company by updating a self-service knowledgebase in real time.

Deploy Agent at Home: we stood up business continuity platforms for over 3,100 agents enabling 615 to work from home in one weekend. We built and rolled out “Contact-Center-in-a-Box” for home agents which were each deployed in under three days, with more being deployed every day.

Modeling What-If Scenarios: we helped our Clients stress-test their service experience architecture so they could prepare without panicking, updating volume and capacity plans on a daily basis within twenty-four hours for all Clients, and built special what-if scenarios to estimate KPI impact to agent reductions in twenty-four hours.

Reporting, Trends and Forecasting: we build COVID-19 volume driver reports for operators and senior managers within a single day and added COVID-19 special reports to our IntelligenceHub™ platform.

Surge Support: our technology and operations experts brought all our tools to bear, and working around the clock, made possible no reductions in SLA performance, despite a 75%+ surge in support requests.

Above all, we provided these Rapid Response initiatives with no additional cost to our Managed Services Clients.     

Drastically Changing Labor Requirements
Depending on the industry, we’re seeing wild changes in contact volume, and therefore wild changes in labor requirements to support that volume increase or decrease.  While thousands of agents are being furloughed or laid off, we see some CX leaders scrambling to find agents to agents to support an unexpected surge in volume.  Eventus is working to match those leaders who are losing labor with those leaders that need it.  When the crisis is over, and volumes normalize, those agents that would have been laid off or furloughed can go back to work.
Agent Location Restrictions
With international, federal, state, and local governments quickly implementing social distancing and stay-at-home orders, businesses are finding themselves struggling to rapidly send their workforce home in an effective way.
Recent Client Example: Moved 800 Seats in 8 Days, including business requirements, full queueing, number migration, etc…
In today’s virus crisis, Companies are finding that they are unable to rapidly deploy a collocated workforce to an Agent at Home model.  Those that have the technology, don’t have the experiencing of leveraging that technology to rapidly implement the solution they need.  And those that don’t have the technology are just out-of-luck.

Eventus can provide rapid “Contact-Center-in-a-Box” technology solutions to get a collacted workforce to Agent at Home in a week or less.

  • ACD & IVR
  • WFM & QA
  • Agent at Home Call Connectivity using a web browser
  • Agent Desktop Platforms
  • Virtualized secure HIPPA and PCI compliant desktops

…but Connecting from Home doesn’t mean effectively Working from Home.  Managing a distributed workforce involves a lot more than just a headset and connectivity method.

Eventus helps Companies optimize their virtual operation by solving for the people, process and technology implications, beyond the initial reaction. Experienced Eventus consulting resources and technology partnerships help companies solve for the reality of this different operating environment, in areas such as;


  • Transition Planning and Program Management to Transition to Home Work
  • 48 Hour Contact Center Telephony System Deployment
  • Virtualizing the Agent Desktop
  • How Recruiting Must Adapt
  • The HR Implications and Solutions
  • Training in a Virtual Environment
  • Team and One on One Communications
  • Workforce Management Best Practices
  • Data Security Solutions
  • Front Line Management of a Work From Home Operation

Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the world, leading organizations need to ensure the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of employees, as well as millions of customers. This confusing, fast-changing situation demands scalable and flexible technology.

In March 2020, a major healthcare company – one with over 200,000 employees and care providers – worked to deploy an emergency response app built on Pega Platform™. The app enables the healthcare organization to track and manage the health, safety, and availability of its entire workforce.

Inspired by this work and its meaningful impact for millions of people, the Pega team built COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker to be available on the Pega Marketplace for Pega Platform™ clients at no charge.

The entire Eventus and Pega team is committed and ready to help you manage your operations during a time of unprecedented disruption. Please reach out to us directly to learn more.

Resources and Updates
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With Unprecedented Challenges, Health Insurance Companies Have New Options to Transform and Save

Vasupradha Srinivasan, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and one of the top thought leaders in the contact center technology industry, wrote last week, that contact centers responded to the global health crisis with “an amazing tenacity and resourcefulness in solving for people, technology and business continuity.” In her blog and a related video, she explains that while the learning curve was steep in many cases, including making the shift to cloud-based agents and managers given work@home requirement, operators are now in a position to institutionalize the best practices.

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