Use Pega to transform your contact center’s performance



By Ted Haugland

In the search for differentiation, especially in a COVID environment, companies should search to re-invent their approach to business, especially in electronic channels whose importance is skyrocketing.  Companies who use system upgrade or replacement projects as a platform to redefine their customer and agent experiences can create transformational capabilities if they approach the project with the right mindset.

Pega as a tool for transformation

The Eventus experience with Pega started 5 years ago.  At the time, we noticed that many CRM implementations failed to deliver real results (handle time reduction, increase in first call resolution, etc..).  They provided the single pane of glass view of customer data but that did not result in faster calls and only delivered modest improvements to call quality and experience.

When analyzing the reason for this unexpected result we determined the root cause to be in 5 areas:

  • Good data in CRM still required re-entry in other source systems
  • Business rules were largely covered in agent training or handbooks
  • Work processes were not self-guided
  • Out of the box CRM tools had a large number of clicks required relative to the work being performed
  • Key decisions remained manual and in many cases were based on agent experience and gut feel

As Eventus evaluated the tools available in the marketplace, none of the traditional CRM tools were able to effectively address these issues.  In most cases, answers to these concerns were accommodated via development or declarative rules that only enforced small parts of a process model.

Enter Pega.  Based on a common customer, Eventus and Pega were introduced and we were able to offer solutions to the problems we have been seeing with CRM implementations since our founding.  Pega is paradigm shifting.  We are now able to expand beyond the pitfalls of traditional CRM and truly manage processes and experiences.

In the process of collaborating with Pega and our collective Clients, Eventus has consistently succeeded in driving major improvements to customer service, while reducing costs and leveraging big data to deliver even more benefits over the long term.

Tangible results that deliver real benefits

The reason we are able to offer truly improved business benefits is based on the overall approach Pega takes to CX and CRM.  Rather than focus on data first and process second, it is reversed to focus on processes first and pull in data only as required to support process outcomes.

The logic of how to perform work is now included in the application and the decisions required to run the business are suggested by Pega and supported by agents as opposed to the old model of decisions being made by agents and only prevented in the system for outlier use cases.

An example of what we were able to achieve at a large retailer is shown below.  The difference between how and what Pega was able to deliver crosses the entire call flow.

While these results are impressive, the key consideration is that they were done in 4 months with a team of five. Pega’s low code development approach allows for a customized experience that would normally require a large team of developers.

Please contact me to learn more about how Eventus and Pega can help your company not only improve your relationships with your customers, but your business results – with proven performance measurements, including those this national retail leader continue to enjoy and expand.

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