Real-Time Contact Center Capabilities: More Important Than Ever?




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Knowing exactly what is going on in a contact center by recording and analyzing every interaction between what transpires between customers and agents and understanding how well agents are adhering to compliance and quality guidelines have always been critical to success.

Contact Center vendors and service providers have done a great job over the last two decades, continually improving knowledge and insights using software, but the ability to analyze what is happening in real-time and report on those real-time metrics overtime is tricky and usually requires manual manipulation outside of the source systems.

Managers and coaches can certainly react to trends they are seeing after the fact, but knowing what happened after the conversation, does not give these leaders the ability to intervene and take action when it may matter the most. With real-time monitoring and, most importantly, real-time analytics and insights which are programmed to send an alert or notification to a manager, contact centers can act – not just react after the fact. This is a complex and stressful new world.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, especially in the contact center. Being able to understand problems as they are percolating– with a single agent or groups of agents – who are likely working from home – is a noble goal.

Real-time data is imperative in the contact center space. Changes to customer call routing, forecasting, and agent scheduling need to be made on the fly. However, real-time reporting in contact center systems is limited, requiring analysts to manually manipulate and piece together data outside of the system. This limitation creates a bottleneck when reporting data in real-time.

Analysts frequently find themselves having to manually export and manipulate data repeatedly throughout the day. This process hinders the speed at which real-time reporting is distributed and how quickly the data is acted upon. With the right BI solution, you can have accurate real-time reports that meet your specific needs at your fingertips without analysts having to spend countless hours quibbling with the data.

With the right BI solution and analytics platform, you can eliminate the middleman, integrate multiple data sources for real-time reporting, and get your data in an effective visual format configured to meet the business’s needs.

With an effective data warehouse and ETL solution, you can house the historical real-time data and use it to measure active contact interval data overtime. Real-time data can also assist with Forecast Accuracy monitoring, providing you with real-time actual call volume against projected volume all the way down to the minute.

Two innovators in the contact center and CX industry have put together a real-time solution that supports near to real-time reporting, with advanced integration and drill-down features, using the cloud to offer these capabilities as-a-service with the ability to scale when, for example, volumes surge (as they have been over the last few months given the current environment).

Eventus Solutions Group, a Customer Experience (CX) strategy, consulting, managed solutions, and contact center technology company, announced a new release of their IntelligenceHub business intelligence platform.

Following on a mega-release earlier this year, near to real-time reporting capabilities have been added, leveraging Nice InContact technology.

“IntelligenceHub is a true differentiator for Eventus and our Clients,” said Milos Djokovic, Managing Director, and CEO of Eventus. “We are continually investing in the platform, as more of our Clients and partners are seeing the value of advanced reporting, automation, and productivity tools. Being able to deliver actionable information in real-time to contact center and CX teams takes outcome-driven approaches to the next level.”

“While having access to effective real-time information has long been a goal, especially for large and complex contact centers, without automation and integration, it has been impossible to achieve until now,” said Jeff Tropeano, Senior Director of Managed Services, Eventus. “Now, with policies, triggers, and alerts built-in, and with an extremely intuitive user interface, managers can take advantage of real-time information in a consumable fashion. We greatly appreciate the partnership with Nice InContact in achieving this new industry milestone.”

This cloud-based contact center analytics platform has been serving large enterprise clients as a core part of Eventus’s fully managed solutions by aggregating, normalizing and presenting data generated by many existing contact center and CX platforms on a “single pane of glass. Earlier this year, the company added more functionality, a more personalized and intuitive experience, enhanced security, and significantly faster performance.

“IntelligenceHub 3.0 provides a window into how we well we are serving customers, and how our investments in process and technology improve CX are paying off,” said Samir Khandhar, Vice President of Client Experience, Arbonne International. “Working with Eventus, we leverage a number of best-of-breed cloud contact center technologies. The platform brings all the data together and harmonizes it, but even more importantly, it makes it easy to understand and act upon. IntelligenceHub allows us to model “what-if” scenarios and gives us key predictions of our KPI outcomes as we target initiatives that align with your business needs. We no longer wait for manual reports, but instead, we are given access to immediate and up-to-date online reporting, including dashboards customized for our business, and we can view them any time we need them. IntelligenceHub provides information and insights that we’ve not had access to before.”

With integrated and customized real-time reporting in place, managers are immediately alerted to customer service issues as they happen, as opposed to finding issues after the call has ended. Because managers can quickly and easily identify customers at risk, they can easily step in to resolve the issues and retain those customers.

Eventus said they have been experiencing extremely high demand for these capabilities, especially as they help contact centers in healthcare, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and other areas deeply impacted by COVID-19, which has often been associated with accelerating the migration to cloud and remote working.

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