It is Time for Real Time, All the Time, as Contact Centers Transform



Heather Barrow

We have been working for months to develop near to real time reporting as part of IntelligenceHub™ capabilities, and our team is very proud to announce this new feature is now available. Following on a mega-release earlier this year, near to real time reporting capabilities have been added, leveraging Nice InContact technology. We have also released new dashboards that empower managers to run effective contact centers as they transition to a new remote work environment. You can read the press release here.One of the most popular dashboards released is the new Agent QA Evaluations Dashboard which allows contact center professionals to drilldown into specific QA sections and questions to identify agent training opportunities. Managers can also easily explore how each agent and agent team is measuring up to their QA goals over time. This gives managers visibility into how agent coaching has influenced the improvement of QA evaluation scores. 

Check out some of our other new features!

The Forecast vs Actual Storybook compares forecasted to actual volume & AHT for each 30-minute interval in a day. This storybook empowers workforce management analysts to easily identify trends and take proactive action when monitoring forecast accuracy.

The Forecast vs. Actual Variance Map is a great way to identify these trends. Color coding forecast to actual variances makes this complex data easy to consume. For instance, the “red” in the heat map quickly draws your attention to trends where forecast accuracy is poor.

Use the Forecast vs. Actual Graphical Data dashboard to compare different forecast revisions and adjustments made over time. This allows analyst to track the progress of various forecast versions developed throughout the year.

Leverage the data in tabular view with the Forecast vs. Actual Tabular dashboard. Selecting a day dynamically populates the interval data on the right. This view provides a deep dive into the drivers that are influencing forecast accuracy.

The Agent Time Usage Report provides managers with the ability to drilldown into agent activity and compare it to other key metrics such as occupancy, utilization, and CPH. Specific metrics can be configured on these reports to meet your specific business needs. Dynamic filters allow the users to self-service when comparing teams. You can also toggle between the % of total login time and % of Productive Time.

The new Agent Productivity Dashboard visually displays the time an agent spends in a productive and non-productive activity states. As with many of our reports, you can look at the data from different perspectives by using the dynamic filters on top of the dashboard. Filter by agent, supervisor, month, and agent group to drilldown into specific agent productivity metrics. 

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