Never Underestimate The Power of A Healthy & Motivating Company Culture
By Milos Djokovic
This week, Eventus team members from around the world are gathering in Denver as we always do every year.

We are celebrating ten years of success and growth, while preparing for another big year ahead as we continue to onboard new clients while deepening relationships with our existing clients, many whom have been with us from the beginning.

We have so much to be thankful for – and while healthy revenue growth and the evolution of a business that has been profitable since day one is a source of pride, nothing compares to the feeling of accomplishment associated with the opportunities we’ve created, the meaningful contributions we’ve made to the clients we’re 100% committed to serving, and the continual support of the communities we live and work in.

Given how much of our time and energy is spent “at work,” it is extremely important for us to create a great “EX” (Employee Experience) as part of Amplifying CX Outcomes for our Clients.

As society works more remotely, bringing people together in person is extremely important, and this week in Denver has proven once again that investing in training, education, motivation and direction creates a sense of teamwork and community that’s difficult when virtual.

At Eventus, we push ourselves hard, every day, and while it is not easy to develop and deliver breakthrough services, solutions and technology to the market leaders we serve, the effort is worth it.

For every year filled with hard challenges and winning moments, there are teams to appreciate, surrounding even the strongest individual contributors.

At our event, we step back and thought deeply about our opportunity in the context of ongoing change in the customer service industry which itself continues to morph into a multi-dimensional new world of real time, very digital, and still very human CX.

We also learned that what makes us attractive to our clients and partners is how rooted we are our core values –


By practicing a healthy, positive and focused culture, with these six values at the forefront, we have built a brand with integrity, quality, and reliability that leads to trust – that leads to long-term relationships and the co-creation of value.

Never underestimate the power of a healthy & motivating company culture – an investment in building a business you can feel proud of for generations to come, and that your entire team can feel proud to be part of is a great way to live, work and play. Enjoy this photo album of #teameventus2019 and join us in 2020.

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