Leading Health Insurer Partners with Eventus for Worldwide Omnichannel


JULY 2016


DENVER CO –  According to a recent survey, 82.5% of companies now recognize customer experience is a strategic competitive differentiator.  One of the largest health insurers in the US, not only accepted this reality – they took action.  Understanding that their customers preferred to use newer digital communications channels, the company realized it needed a new CRM platform and implementation partner to improve the overall customer experience. Partnering with the contact center consulting experts at Eventus, the company successfully deployed Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) Chat and Co-Browse to support Incident Management for their customers in multiple locations worldwide.

This company is a U.S. based worldwide health services organization with insurance subsidiaries providing medical, dental, disability, and life & accident insurance products and services.  Their offerings include Medicare and Medicaid products and related insurance to individuals in the U.S. and comparable relevant products for international markets.  The company has been focused on overall technology modernization to deliver the customer interaction options that today’s customers expect.  The modernization program not only focused on delivering leading edge technology, but it also focused on reducing interaction time, which would provide cost savings.

The company’s strategic direction for omnichannel support included implementation of Chat/Co-Browse customer interaction functionality to improve customer experience.  Once the company made the decision to move forward with Oracle Service Cloud as their omnichannel CRM platform, they looked to identify an implementation partner with broad skills that could help manage the implementation and work as a subject matter expert across multiple technology platforms.  The company needed a reliable partner that not only knew the OSvC application but also understood the HIPAA compliance needs of the industry. Eventus became the partner of choice for this challenging project based on extensive industry experience in healthcare and previous success implementing OSvC for the company and elsewhere.

The Eventus team partnered with company stakeholders and drove the overall implementation of Oracle Service Cloud Incident Management and Chat/Co-Brouse. Eventus used its agile ‘STORM’ methodology for analysis, design, iterative development, and deployment services.  Eventus functional and technical resources worked with company resources through all phases to ensure the implementation met business requirements and strategic objectives.

The Eventus-delivered solution included an OSvC Base Platform, Incident Management, and Chat/Co-Browse functionality.  As part of the overall solution, Eventus modified the interface to match the company branding, color palette, and layout so that headers, footers, menus, navigation, and logo placement would all match the company’s website. It configured the solution to support multiple global business units, with the initial deployment targets being business units in three geographies on three different continents. To date, over ten business units located in the US, Europe, and Asia have gone live on the system, with more planned.  Eventually, the system will support millions of contacts across the company organization worldwide.

 Due to the complexities of the company organization and HIPAA compliance, the OSvC implementation setup for reporting access was critical.  Additionally, since each business unit serves different types of customers, and stakeholders desired OSvC reports that were equivalent to their current ones, the solution included sophisticated automated reporting for ongoing chat monitoring.  Due to HIPAA needs, Eventus configured separate access into the application for each business unit.  While Eventus leveraged standard reporting to the extent possible to meet needs, Eventus developed 40 custom reports for more than ten business units (400+ reports total).  Eventus has been able to deliver reporting from OSvC that allowed the company to eliminate usage of a third party reporting tool.

“Due to this and earlier successes with the company, we have moved far beyond just being an Oracle SI and are considered a trusted advisor to company leadership and stakeholders,” said Eventus Managing Director Craig Tobin.  “We have been able to leverage our in-depth knowledge of Oracle products, as well as our overall contact center operations experience, to provide best practice knowledge to the company and its technology partners.”

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