Eventus Contact Center Consulting Experts Help Transportation Firm Get Smart About Customer Engagement




DENVER CO – In the Age of the Customer in which we all now live and work, surveys consistently show consumers prefer answering their own questions via a self-service capability instead of calling into a contact center.  A large transportation company was hearing loudly and clearly from its customers that its self-service website was just not good enough to be competitive in today’s market.  They turned to contact center consulting experts from the Eventus Solutions Group to address this shortcoming by implementing Oracle Service Cloud knowledge management and customer portal capabilities.  This global deployment now successfully supports customers, travel agents and contact center agents in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

The company had knowledge content housed in several disparate sources, which resulted in their service center not being able to meet its web self-service goals.  While it had a lot of useful technology in-house, it was lacking in a knowledge presentation layer and management capabilities.  After an exhaustive selection process, the company decided that Oracle’s Oracle Service Cloud cloud-based CRM platform provided the best knowledgebase, customer portal and other desired capabilities such as chat and co-browse to modernize its CRM infrastructure and optimize customer engagement.

Once the software contract was finalized, an Eventus contact center consulting team began work. The team used the Eventus STORM methodology to collaborate closely with the company’s business and technical departments during business requirements gathering, cloud software application implementation and production cutover support.

Given all the existing disparate knowledge sources, much of the project focused on knowledge management.  In addition to implementing the Oracle Service Cloud knowledge management system and knowledge migration service, the Eventus team also facilitated a knowledge management detailed design workshop and migrated over two thousand documents from legacy files. Knowledge migration included importing metadata such as subject, questions, answers, products and categories.

Since the new self-service capability would be used by prospective travelers as well as existing customers, the company was extremely sensitive about website branding and the overall customer experience.  Besides its tight integration with the knowledgebase, one of the biggest strengths of the Oracle Service Cloud customer portal is the fact it is implemented using standard web development technologies.  As a result, the Eventus team was able to deliver self-service capabilities that seamlessly integrated into the company’s website and provided exactly the customer experience desired by the company’s marketing team.

As the implementation project ended on time and on budget with no change requests, the new system faced the scrutiny of internal contact center agents, travel agents, prospects and customers in the Americas, Asia and Europe.  Thanks to the new Community commenting capabilities, the company was able to see just how happy its users were with the new self-service capabilities.  Messages like “Fantastic!  So much more user friendly!” brought smiles to the entire project team, as well as all the project stakeholders company-wide.

“Modern cloud-based CRM technology gives companies the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs, often simultaneously”, said Milos Djokovic, Eventus Managing Director.  “While the most visible element of this project was the external customer portal, the impact of the new knowledgebase on agent productivity is also significant.”

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