Eventus Solutions Group Brings Advanced Customer Engagement Capabilities to Leading Publishing Company


JULY 2015


DENVER, CO — Eventus Solutions Group has a solid reputation for being easy to do business with, and its clients are following suit. A publishing company was in the process of completely overhauling its enterprise communications platform for easier customer interaction.  When it became apparent the project was not keeping up with project milestones, the company needed to get the project on track. They turned to Eventus Solutions Group for help.

Eventus brought its ‘STORM Methodology’ – a creative coupling of Waterfall and Agile techniques optimized for cloud-based technology platforms – to add much needed structure and tools to the struggling project. The results were dramatic. Eventus deployed a small but highly skilled team of contact center consulting specialists that first assessed the company’s automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) strategy, implementation roadmap and current state of the project. It then developed a correction plan that the client immediately began to implement.

The Eventus team subsequently developed a skills-based/omnichannel routing strategy for more than 8 locations, 15 distinct roles, and 150 individual skills; built a prototype to demonstrate the new routing strategy; and implemented Interactive Intelligence Customer Information Center (CIC) components including Interaction Administrator, Interaction Recorder and Interaction Optimizer. Eventus was also responsible for architectural design, IVR design, reporting, key performance indicator (KPI) design and overall project management.

“This project illustrates how our ‘special forces’ delivery model consisting of small teams of highly experienced industry experts saves our clients both time and money,” said Craig Tobin, Managing Director, Eventus. “Not only were we able to complete this complex and challenging project, we were able to do it on time, on budget and without any change requests.”

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