The Contact Center Paradox




As with any other service upgrade or add-on, new call center technology often times receives a fair amount of push back from management and executives.  Hidden behind these reservations toward new technology within the industry is a fundamental misunderstanding of the costs associated with the change capable of occurring within customer-centric contact centers that adopt these solutions.  This is the contact center paradox: companies can upgrade their contact centers with new, more efficient systems while actually saving money in the process.

Many call center managers view technology and solutions as expensive upgrades that will require further implementation, customization and service costs throughout its usable life.  This mindset comes from past generations of contact center management where upgrades to call center technology meant large investments in equipment and technology.  While this type of technology upgrade may have been expensive and time consuming in the past, today’s solutions provide a much greater benefit to the company without the same amount of financial risk.

With advancements in cloud technology comes a new era or call center solutions that provide companies with upgrades in the ability to interact with customers through multiple channels through a fully integrated system.  Not only do these new technologies allow for increases in agent efficiency and customer engagement but they also provide hard cost savings that can help the newly implemented system actually pay for itself.  New technology no longer requires large investments in large pieces of equipment that take time to implement and produce ROI.  Instead, contact center upgrades can be purchased, customized and implemented in a short matter of time and almost immediately improve agent efficiency and cost savings.

In the past, new contact center technology meant an enormous outlay and large financial risks in order to improve efficiency and better engage customers.  With today’s technological advancements this is no longer the case.  Cloud technology allows for contact centers to implement new and exciting solutions that will help create a customer-centric operation while creating hard cost-savings to help the company prosper.  If you were under the impression that new technology meant a large financial outlay and risk, contact Eventus Solutions Group today to speak with a contact center expert who can fully explain how the implementation of the correct contact center solution can save your company money while creating a more customer-centric operation.

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