How Travelocity Benefitted from Oracle’s RightNow Solutions


APRIL 2014

Eventus Marketing Team

Travelocity is one of the internet’s leading provider of travel services for both leisure and business travelers alike.  Consumers can access all of Travelocity’s travel related products online from one of the 40 different websites online and can receive customer support from contact centers specializing in phone, email and chat.  When Travelocity looked to improve their customer service efforts while controlling their IT costs, they turned to Oracle’s RightNow Support option.

Travelocity wanted to find a solution that would help them drastically improve their customers’ experience on their website and with their agents while controlling major costs.  They realized that the outdated legacy systems that they were using made it hard for their agents to provide superior customer service while their website and IT infrastructure was making it hard to create and quickly update customer-facing sites.  After vetting all possible options, Travelocity found the RightNow solutions to be the best fit for their needs, providing benefits like:

Ability to support global workforce

RighNow’s desktop solution supports more than 250 global users, speaking 9 different languages all across the globe.  Travelocity can now provide support on a global scale without worrying about a disconnect in the support and capabilities provided to various agents in different locations.

Improved Customer Database

In relation to Travelocity’s customer database, RightNow allowed agents to more easily find relevant customer information including previous support cases and other useful information.  This allowed agents to find and utilize information in a way that guaranteed the best experience for the customer.

Improved Email Management

Travelocity receives over 10,000 emails a month from customers looking for answers to their questions.  RightNow’s email management allowed agents to quickly and effectively respond to these emails leading to a 90% first-contact resolution statistic.  The RightNow system also helped improve Travelocity’s email deflection rate to over 10%.

Creation of Self-Service

RightNow’s solutions also extends beyond the contact center via the creation of a knowledge base of over 4,000 answers that can all be found on Travelocity’s self-service pages online.  By placing the most searched for answers at the top of the FAQ list online and continually adding to the knowledge base, Travelocity was able to provide their customers with the most up to date travel information and visitor help throughout all of their online brands with the help of one system.

Reduction of IT Costs

Travelocity’s old system was unreliable at best, often times crashing weekly while failing to provide the tools needed for their agents to provide a high level of customer service.  Oracle’s RightNow support and services helped to replace the old system with new technology all while decreasing costs with help from a unique cloud delivery model that allowed the company to avoid the major costs associated with system and software purchasing, installation and implementation.  Not only did this save them money initially, but it allows for the company to more efficiently scale up and down during peak traveling seasons and times of internal growth.

Before, Travelocity’s legacy system made life difficult for agents and managers alike as the quality of tools was lacking and the reliability of the system left much to be desired.  Now though, with the implementation of the RightNow contact center solution, the internet travel service giant provides a superior experience and gives their agents across the globe the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently perform their jobs.  Want to learn more about RightNow solutions and how your organization can take advantage of the technology and new service structures?  Click on the image below.

Want to learn more about Travelocity’s move to RightNow? Read more here.

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