How Customer Engagement Influences Contact Center Strategy


APRIL 2014

Eventus Marketing Team

When it comes to cultivating a reputation for your business, customer service should be your top priority. In order to deliver exactly what your customers want in your product or service, you must first learn what that is. And sure, your initial market research will help you define your personas, but those personas are bound to change over time. And as you release new features, products, or services, you are sure to want to have access to real-time reviews on these changes. This is why it is so important to find the right contact center strategy. Make it easy for your customers to provide feedback and customer engagement is sure to grow.

According to Paul Greenburg in The 56 Group, the customer experience is defined as the ongoing interaction between company and customer. That means it is a continuous process. Simply gathering information at designated intervals throughout the year is no longer enough. The customer needs to always be able to have their questions answered and their issues resolved. If that isn’t possible or simple enough, the customers will go elsewhere.

In the past, customers would go to their local store to speak to someone when they are dissatisfied. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way things work anymore. Customers have either become impatient or empowered or both, but no longer will the majority settle for waiting in a phone queue to speak to an international representative about their issues. These days people prefer to help themselves, and they like to do so immediately. That is why the best contact center strategy now utilize a combination of call center representatives as well as self-service features.

According to Kate Leggett and Forrester Research, 92% of companies view customers experience as one of their top priorities. Your business should view things the same way. Sure price and quality are incredibly important features, but the facts remain that your service sways customers in a way that nothing else can. It would benefit your business to only hire individuals who use your products and are a fan of your services. They will in turn become the best and most active representatives of your company that can share their real life experiences.

It is rarely easy to improve your contact center strategy without redesigning them from the ground up. That is why it is so important to seek help from the professionals. So if your business is in need of creating a customer service program that is sure to increase engagement, turn to those that know what to do.

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