Winter RightNow Support & Cloud Services Additions: What to Know



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Lately, Oracle has begun implementing new changes to RightNow support and its services.  Just a week or so ago, we spoke about the changing service plans coming into affect at the end of this year and how those RightNow customers utilizing customizations within the application will have to begin looking elsewhere for support in their efforts.  Now, there are more changes coming from Oracle but this time it’s far less controversial.

Last month’s Oracle RightNow Cloud Services were put together to help create a much higher level of service capabilities including the new Virtual Assistant, a chat peek page and upgrades to the Agent Mobile App.

Virtual Assistant helps personalize service

The new assistant has the capabilities of truly personalizing your customers’ online service experience, with the abilities to know when to engage with customers online, effectively communicate with advanced conversational and language capabilities as well as utilize session memory to predict future questions and intent to streamline service.  Other features include a connection to customer data and knowledge allowing the VA to better personalize its interactions as well as the ability to utilize this knowledge to make product or service recommendations during its service to further sales.  This is all done through a progression of questioning and solution recommendations versus providing a list of possible answers, allowing for a higher probability of problem resolution and customer satisfaction.

Chat Peek Page allows agents greater context without hearing the story

By collecting information on the customer’s journey through your site, what page they were on when they requested assistance and how they got to that point, your agents can better understand why they are being contacted, what issues they may be facing and how best they can solve them before they even introduce themselves.  The new Page Peek function provides agents with a screen capture of the page the customer was one when engaging with them as well as useful data on the customer and their experiences so far while shielding any sensitive or private customer information that may be on the screen.  Instead of asking for the customer to describe their problem, your agents can now see exactly what the customer is and dig deeper through customer information to provide better, faster issue resolution.

Greater Mobile Capabilities

The new contact center utilizes a more mobile agent, allowing for away-from-desk duties to be fulfilled during service calls and calling for a mobile solution to aid this movement.  The latest release of the Agent Mobile App includes the option of creating and editing contacts, incidents, task and answer forwarding capabilities, and the ability to customize lists and workspaces.  The greater flexibility provided by these updates allow agents to increase service levels and accuracy while shortening delivery and overall service time.

This season’s latest releases to Oracle’s Right Now Cloud Service provide you and your agents with greater capabilities when it comes to better serving your customers and their issues in a faster and more accurate manner.  If you want to learn more about these releases or would like to find out about RightNow support, customizations and servicing options, contact us today and speak with a RightNow expert at Eventus Solutions Group.

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