10 Features & Benfits of Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service



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For companies looking to improve their contact centers and customer support, live chat services are growing in popularity and a fantastic way to interact with your customers while helping solving their problems. Instead of waiting for an email response to their question, or sitting on hold for 20 minutes, your customers can get a real person helping them and directing them to your resources, giving your company the opportunity to provide excellent customer service 24/7!

There’s many different options out there when picking a chat cloud service, but Oracle RightNow is one of the best there is. Their service is a cut above the rest because of the huge range of features and benefits it provides, not just for your company, but for your staff and your customers! Take a look at just ten of these features and how they can bring big benefits to your contact centers and customer service operations.

  1. Real-Time Chat

Oracle RightNow enhances the online experience for your customers by letting them speak to your agents with just a couple quick clicks, saving them the frustration of searching for answers and giving your team the chance to reach out with answers and quality customer interaction.

  1. Proactive Chat

Not only do your customers have the chance to initiate a chat with you, but the Oracle system lets you set rules and offer chat support on certain pages or after someone has been on the same page for a certain amount of time.

  1. Compatible With Any Device

Your customers can access your chat service from their phones or tablets just as easily as they can from their computer, and get the same level of quality, real-time support.


  1. Automatic Reconnect

Oracle RightNow helps keep your customers happy by helping them pick right back up where they left off if the chat session ends unexpectedly due to a bad connection or other technical error. Additionally, your agents will have a full record of the customer’s chat history, helping them get back to solving problems and answering questions even faster!

  1. File Attachment Support

Customers can attach file to their chat, helping explain their questions to your agent and speeding up the process. These attachments are permanently stored in the customer’s chat history for future reference. Your agents can also send files to help customers, as well as point them towards documents in the knowledge base.

  1. Information Available in Queue

Once your customer has started their chat session and are waiting for an agent, Oracle RightNow can offer them answers and information based on their needs. Some customers will find what they need before they even need to ask an agent.

  1. PCI Compliance

Your customers can rest assured that all their data they submit in the chat session is secure, including credit card information and social security numbers, and they can utilize the “off the record” functionality to hide that information from the permanent chat history.


  1. Multiple Chat Handling

The biggest benefit for your agents will be the ability to handle several chats at once, while still providing accurate and friendly service to all your customers. Their time will be well spent answering questions instead of waiting for a single customer to tab back over to the chat window.

  1. Guided Assistance

Agents can help customers follow troubleshooting guides to diagnose and correct problems, which are automatically posted to the chat. This feature can improve both customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

  1. Standard Responses

Your agents can increase the speed of their customer interactions without lowering their ability to provide great service by having preset responses that they can send with a single keystroke.

These 10 features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features and benefits that you can enjoy by adopting the Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service. There’s simply no better way to increase your revenue, improve customer loyalty, and deliver the best possible service to all your customers. But this system is just one way to improve your contact centers. If you’re interested in seeing transformational change in your contact centers, then contact Eventus Solutions Group today and get the expertise you need to revolutionize your customer service!

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