More security. More productivity. Lower costs. Higher Value.

With Journey’s breakthrough identity management software solutions, Eventus offers next-level experiences for customers – and agents.
Journey’s award-winning trusted identity solutions solve for security, privacy and customer experience with no trade-offs.
Take the friction of out authentication processes. Leverage one solution across the customer lifecycle. Don’t rip and replace – enhance and save. Experience savings of up to $1/contact while preventing PII exposure and reducing synthetic fraud up to 99.98%.
The Internet has evolved over the last three decades without an identity layer, which has left companies and individuals vulnerable to fraud and theft.   Many point solutions have been to address identity, but those legacy solutions increased complexity and single stores of user data that could be breached while not giving consumers some privacy controls. These early solutions have proven expensive and ineffective.
Eventus is deploying Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform as part of our enhanced Managed Solutions offering, integrating their technology across the customer journey – from initial inquiries and on-boarding to a lifetime of interactions. We can now assure our Managed Solutions Clients that all communication is being done in a highly secure, convenient, and private setting.
We will also be bringing Journey’s zero knowledge authentication capabilities into our IntelligenceHub™ platform, to drive predictive, personalized, and productive interactions our Clients’ customers can trust. The benefits are clear: reduction of time to answer questions with data made available to agents supporting a fast and friendly conversation with each customer able to control their own experience when it comes to privacy and PII.
Learn more about how Eventus is bringing Journey’s breakthrough technology to our Clients. Simply complete the form below and we’ll contact you to set up a demo.

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