How Will You Manage?

The Contact Center Data Deluge Has Only Just Begun

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
12:30 pm ET | 9:30 am PT

Enterprises are becoming increasingly reliant on data-driven decision making, and nowhere is data-driven decision-making more important than in the customer service and customer experience (CX) environment. If used correctly, new technologies can improve customer support, create positive experiences, and drive loyalty.  In today’s digital world, CX has become as important as the product or service itself.

With multiple sources of data from a mix of contact center vendors the data deluge is impacting the professionals responsible for optimizing CX with even greater challenges. How can we unify, simplify, and amplify great business outcomes using data aggregation, management, reporting and activation technologies?

What Attendees will learn:

  • Top trends in big data analytics and BI
  • The impact of innovation and open integration on the size of big data sets, driven by AI, RPA, natural language processing, machine learning, identity verification for privacy protection, and more
  • How to ensure multi-vendor environments don’t create data management headaches and information distortion, but deliver actionable benefits

Who should attend:

  • Customer Experience Professionals
  • Contact Center Executives
  • Contact Center and CX Operators
    Heather Barrow

    Heather Barrow

    IntelligenceHub Lead Developer

    Heather Barrow, lead developer and manager of Eventus IntelligenceHub will demonstrate the value of normalizing data from multiple sources, and converting that data into actionable information, including notifications and alerts that drive real time improvements and positive outcomes for customers, for agents, and for contact center and CX managers.

    Jon Arnold

    Jon Arnold

    Independent CX Thought Leader

    Heather will be joined by Jon Arnold, independent analyst and thought leader in CX will share his insights on the challenges and benefits associated with big data analytics and business intelligence positioned to improve operations and customer satisfaction when the data is orchestrated in a consumable and actionable fashion.