Conquering the Budget Struggle for Contact Center Transformation: Previewing Our Upcoming Webinar



Milos Djokovic

In a recent survey by Frost & Sullivan, the overwhelming driver for enterprises planning and implementing digital transformation initiatives was improving customer experience and satisfaction. This slightly outpaced improving operational efficiencies, with 44% of respondents naming CX as primary, and 41% naming the latter.

These two efforts naturally go hand-in-hand.

While other drivers were important, according to the report, including launching new products and services, enhancing sales and marketing effectiveness, boosting creativity an innovation, expanding to new markets and region among others, it is no surprise that in defense of remaining competitive, the C-Suite’s focus is squarely concentrated on ensuring customers are happy, are loyal, and are ready to consume even more of the enterprise’s products and services.

On February 2, 2021, Eventus will be joining Frost & Sullivan’s Global VP of CX, Alpa Shah, and experts from Allstate Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and MasterCard to learn about what they are seeing in the market, and how they are creating solutions that tangibly and measurably enhance CX.

Unsurprisingly, given the massive global health crisis last year (COVID-19) and despite the clear desire to invest in CX platforms, technologies and programs, digital transformation initiatives were slowed down. However, in some cases, these efforts were sped up including the adoption of cloud contact centers – a topic that will be touched upon based on the extraordinary successes Eventus had in supporting our customers and new customers during the pandemic.

Frost & Sullivan’s study found that a whopping 55% of respondents reported that their transformation programs were delayed due to COVID-19 related challenges. Only 27% reported they do not have the budget, but 38% said they cannot find solutions available today to augment their business. This is an “airgap” in the market that many companies, including ours, has been actively addressing and part of our intention in co-hosting this webinar is to share exactly what that means.

Our experience in rolling out extremely successful transformational projects matches what has been reported, especially this finding:

The study also found that the top way companies measure their digital transformation success is customer satisfaction rates: it is impossible to manage what you cannot measure, which is why part of our DNA is data analytics and the ability to report on and develop improvements based on accurate information.

“C-SAT” was top among the drivers at 52%, while cost savings came in at 45%. Is it possible to do both? We don’t just think so – we know so – and part of our success has come from the ability to save our clients money, which they can reinvest in upgrading CX, whether in the contact center, or through the many channels available, from social media interactions to web chat, screen sharing and more.

We invite you to attend the free live webinar on Tuesday, February 2 at 2pm EST / 11am PST – you can sign up in a few seconds here – and you can send us questions in advance. We’re delighted Frost & Sullivan is providing this virtual event at such an important time, early in the new year, as we are all hopeful that the 2020 crisis will ease, and we can get back to “business better than ever.”



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