Latest IntelligenceHub Release Enhancements and Features
APRIL 2020
By: Heather Barrow
We’re delighted to announce several exciting new capabilities have been added to our IntelligenceHub platform.

Here’s a quick summary:

Pegasystems Pega Platform is now available as a native pre-built Data Connector in IntelligenceHub! Eventus has been working with Pega for five years, and now we are making it easier than ever for our Clients to tap into their powerful solutions pre-integrated with IntelligenceHub alongside other contact center and CX leaders already embedded into our platform.

IntelligenceHub now has the capability to track historical data related to agent weights and targets. KPI targets and weights change regularly throughout the year. With this new feature, IntelligenceHub now keeps track of these changes over time. This new feature is functionalized in the KPI red/green color indicator on the Agent Scorecards that highlights whether a target was hit or missed by an agent according to what their goal was in that point of time.

The new Case Alerting and Trend Analysis storybook quickly identifies outliers of volume drivers. The storybook automatically surfaces irregular contact drivers for you, eliminating the need to sift through thousands of rows of data.  And for those that want to go even deeper, the storybook provides modeling functionality that allows the user to change the sensitivity and save those customizations to the model.

IntelligenceHub can now track agent skill certifications. Throughout an agent’s tenure on the floor, they receive certifications of skills they have been trained on.  IntelligenceHub now tracks the certifications earned by each agent and enables agents to be evaluated against those certified skills. With this functionality, you can ensure that you are identifying your top performers even if agents handle contacts outside of their scope of training from time to time.

Learn more about IntelligenceHub here!

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