At Times Like These, How We Respond Matters More Than Ever


MARCH 2020
By Jeff Tropeano

Every individual, every family, every company and organization have had their lives changed by the global health crisis, the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. In order to reduce the spread of the disease and to protect entire nations and economies, sacrifices are being made.

There is confusion, uncertainty and fear all around, and when we organize to respond quickly, we have the opportunity every day to help each other make it through this most recent storm, which may last for months or even years.

At Eventus, we’re in the business of helping people through designing, engineering and delivering experiences whether through contact centers or online that solve problems and enhance relationships. So, it is no wonder that when our leadership team witnessed the explosion of cases and absorbed the guidance regarding social distancing and mandates for people to work from home, we kicked into high gear.

Within days, even as we were engaging with hundreds of Clients to help them think through their options, we created systematic, practical, and easy to implement programs for our Managed Services Clients to rapidly adapt to this crisis.

Our Rapid Response Initiatives include:

  • Triage Voice to Digital: we moved volumes to digital channels and enhance customer self-service to help “flatten the curve.” We launched digital channels for a voice-only retail Client in four hours. We deflected volume for a health products company by updating a self-service knowledgebase in real time.
  • Deploy Agent at Home: we stood up business continuity platforms for over 3,100 agents enabling 615 to work from home in one weekend. We built and rolled out “Contact-Center-in-a-Box” for home agents which were each deployed in under three days, with more being deployed every day.
  • Modeling What-If Scenarios: we helped our Clients stress-test their service experience architecture so they could prepare without panicking, updating volume and capacity plans on a daily basis within twenty-four hours for all Clients, and built special what-if COVID019 to estimate KPI impact to agent reductions in twenty-four hours.
  • Reporting, Trends and Forecasting: we build COVID-19 volume driver reports for operators and senior managers within a single day and added COVID-19 special reports to our IntelligenceHub
  • Surge Support: our technology and operations experts brought all our tools to bear, and working around the clock, made possible no reductions in SLA performance, despite a 75%+ surge in support requests.

Above all, we provided these Rapid Response initiatives with no additional cost to our Managed Services Clients.

We recognize how hard all our Clients are working, and how dedicated they are to their customers. This includes our Clients in the healthcare and insurance industries, for whom the impact of the pandemic is almost impossible to articulate.

At times like these we are especially honored to serve not only our Clients directly but all the people and families our Clients are important to. We are also profoundly grateful to be part of a company and culture that truly cares for each other and for our communities and look forward to continuing to do all we can to help everybody navigate through the critical days, weeks and months ahead.

I want to personally thank the members of my team that have worked tirelessly over nights and weekends to support our Clients.  I have the utmost respect and admiration for them, and the dedication they bring to their work each day.

Stay home, save lives, and together we will prevail.

Learn more about our COVID-19 Rapid Response here.

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