IntelligenceHub™ 3.0 is Here! 
Heather Barrow
IntelligenceHub™ 3.0 is Here!

The IntelligenceHub team at Eventus has been hard at work for months, interacting with our clients, gathering their requirements, working with our tech vendors and our partner Tableau to develop the third mega release of our CX-as-a-Service (CXaaS) platform which is growing more popular with every implementation.

We are very proud to share a more feature-rich, user-friendly, faster and more secure evolution of our even smarter productivity, quality assurance and business intelligence service, which is cloud-based and now pre-integrated with nearly every major contact center and CX system in use today.

In our press release Jeff Tropeano, Senior Director of Managed Services said, “We were pleasantly surprised by the rapid adoption rate when we initially launched IntelligenceHub several years ago. Because we are vendor independent, and work with so many different technology vendors to provide managed solutions to clients that best suit their specific needs, we developed the first release of IntellignceHub to provide consistent data definitions and normalize data throughout the many product changes a contact center will inevitably undertake.. We know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so IntelligenceHub evolved to provide complete transparency into actions and outcomes, which make it possible to understand and continually improve every interaction and every trend.”

Our Client Samir Khandhar, Vice President of Client Experience, Arbonne International provided this awesome testimonial:

“IntelligenceHub 3.0 provides a window into how we well we are serving customers, and how our investments in process and technology to improve CX are paying off. Working with Eventus, we leverage a number of best-of-breed cloud contact center technologies. The platform brings all the data together and harmonizes it, but even more importantly, makes it easy to understand and act upon. IntelligenceHub allows us to model “what-if” scenarios and gives us key predictions of our KPI outcomes as we target initiatives that align to business our needs. We no longer wait for manual reports, but instead are given access to immediate and up-to-date online reporting including dashboards customized for our business and can view at any time information and insights that we’ve not had access to before.”

The latest enhancements are detailed in the release notes and captured on our new IntelligenceHub webpage which is our new “go-to” place for fans of IntelligenceHub including our growing technology partner ecosystem. You can download the release notes there.

I was honored to join Eventus last year to help drive the development of IntelligenceHub, as a Client advocate and project manager, grateful for the support of our talented and hardworking developers and partners including Tableau who have come together to dramatically improve the capabilities, performance and security of the platform and who will continue to enrich the offering. Here are a few details on the enhancements now available as part of 3.0:

Support for all the platforms and products below through our family of pre-integrated Data Connectors, with more on our roadmap.  (If you have an interest in connecting IntelligenceHub with a data source not listed below, please contact us at


Enhanced Performance: 40% Faster Report Load Times

Major data architecture and infrastructure improvements increase the performance of IntelligenceHub 3.0.  Newly published dashboards will load an average of 40% faster.

Major Security Improvements

The IntelligenceHub 3.0 data architecture provides even more database isolation than before.  The front-end interface of IntelligenceHub 3.0 has also been redesigned from the ground up, utilizing partitioned and completely isolated Client “sites” that can only be connected to your specific database, along with more granular level user-permissioning schemes to ensure your users can only see those reports and dashboards you want them to see.  This redesign also provides the foundation for future planned security enhancements such as Two-Factor-Authentication and Multi-Factor-Authentication for full Privileged Access Management

User Interface Upgrade

New Reporting Hierarchy with a folder structure based on 3 layers of experiences:


A packaged workbook that contains multiple Dashboards and Reports that convey the story around a key KPI such as agent or customer behavior. 


A Dashboard is a report within a Storybook that can contain several different reports. Multiple Dashboards are contained in a Storybook, with each Dashboard appearing as a tab across the top of a Storybook.


A table, chart, graph, or other visualization that focuses on specific data points. There are often several Reports in a single Dashboard, and as mentioned before, several Dashboards within a Storybook.

New Home Page

The new home page on IntelligenceHub shows you the most recent Dashboards that you have explored as well as the Dashboards you view most often. This will help you more easily find useful content without the need to navigate through multiple nested menus.

Agent Excellence Experience

  • Agent Daily Dashboard
  • Agent Management & Coaching
  • Agent QA Evaluations
  • Agent Scorecard
  • Agent Shrinkage
  • Supervisor Scorecard

Customer Experience

  • CSAT, NPS, and CES
  • Contact by Customer Location
  • Product Claims

Enterprise Performance

  • Monthly/Weekly Executive Summaries
  • Enterprise Handle Time Analysis
  • Cost per Contact

Volume Analysis

  • Call Volume Interval Analysis by Time and Day of week
  • Call Volume Statistics
  • Volume & Interval Analysis Heatmap


Another great new capability is automated custom views managed through subscriptions, offering the option to receive reports automatically via email.

Our Clients are also excited about the new alerts offering; they can easily subscribe using criteria to receive automated data alerts.

We’ve also added easy exporting directly to PDF or PowerPoint, which saves enormous time when preparing for meetings, and a very cool new capability enabling scrolling TV dashboards; coupled with a free Google Chrome Add-In, this automated scrolling dashboard feature makes it easy to display analytics on monitor walls in the contact center.

We couldn’t be more excited about 3.0 and the future of IntelligenceHub and wish to thank all those who contributed to this important mega release! Please contact me to learn more, and to share your ideas and wish lists as we continue to enrich what we believe is the most powerful unifying CX platform in the industry today.

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