Customer Experience as a Service: Introducing CXaaS Through This Special Report From CCW
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Jeff Tropeano
This week Contact Center Week Digital published a Special Report on a modern vision for Customer Experience as a Service, or CXaaS. We enjoyed collaborating with Matt Wujciak, Digital Writer and Editor of CCW Digital’s Customer Management Practice, Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst CCW Digital, and Alison Lichtenstein, Head of CX Design for Dow Jones.

Following are a few excerpts, and a link to download the report.

“We’re all familiar with CCaaS or delivering contact center as a fully managed service. Through CCaaS, instead of using different tools for different teams, channels, etc – we centralize everything into a single platform to reduce friction and improve performance, helping us create a more unified contact center experience.

But customer-centric businesses know that the experience goes beyond the contact center platforms, from contact center as a service (or CCaaS) to CXaaS (customer experience as a service). CXaaS also includes other enterprise systems (from closely related tools like social monitoring, to broader company systems and designs like application interaction, in-store technologies, agent desktops and CRM systems, cloud supported CX and omnichannel orchestration).

More importantly, it includes the complete customer experience strategy vs. merely a contact strategy – and involves all departments and employees who impact the experience.”

CXaaS involves creating a “unified” vision of the creative customer experience. All strategic decisions, metrics, technologies, and consumer touch points are brought together with the goal of fulfilling this vision, allowing companies to innovatively compete in the “era of customer centricity.”

In an industry overrun with buzzwords and empty promises, you may be wondering whether CXaaS is truly important. It is, and today’s companies know it.

They see sobering customer data and recognize that their more fragmented approach to CX isn’t working. They’re not seeing a quantifiable return on their experience.

CCW Digital’s 2018 consumer preferences survey revealed that only 18% of customers were very satisfied with the experiences they were regularly receiving that year.

Despite the fact that consumers are expecting more, leaving them unsatisfied, our 2019 survey reveals that only 12% of consumers believe brands have made “significant improvements” to their customer experiences over the past several years.

As a result, they’ve identified design as their #1 topical focus for the next five years.

By incorporating different omnichannel initiatives through CXaaS, successful brands are capitalizing by not only delivering quality products but tailoring their services to enhance the value of creative interactive channels through the customer experience.

Utilizing fully managed cloud technology makes more feasible and creative approaches, including those which are based on public or private big data management, online messaging and brand image.

Bringing it all together with a CXaaS system

Personalizing services, cloud computing, creative omnichannel experiences and online engagement are all key components in valuable CXaaS. But they need to come full circle to provide businesses with actionable intelligence through a full scale, all-in-one, CXaaS system. An effective CXaaS can leverage data collected from a variety of sources to deliver a more personalized and effective CX.

It is imperative to harness data from a primary platform while also harnessing data from other soft- ware services that a customer or client is interacting with, which then can be unified into a single data set that sends actionable intel to management, making reporting exponentially more effective.

Register to download the full report here.

Please contact me to learn more about how Eventus has reimagined CX through a CXaaS lens.


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