From Concept to Creation and Commercialization: CX Innovation Is a Team Sport



Milos Djokovic

As the world of Customer Experience evolves, and as enterprises and organizations are now seeing the return on investing in ensuring customer happiness, there are many companies like ours seeking to win their business on many levels.

We know that in order for us to attract and serve our clients, and help them grow for years to come, we need to set the example for what it means to connect with, understand, embrace and fully support – building relationships over time, and participating in the success of our collective ventures.

Actually, let’s call that the success of our collective adventures.

Eventus has been around for a while, and we have continued to transform our own company, offering and culture, excited by disruptive technologies rather than finding them daunting, and constantly following societal trends, generational changes, regulatory shifts, and more.

And while we are, in fact, customer service aficionados with a leadership team with decades of experience in an arena that has moved from customer service to call centers to contact centers to customer experience centers, we are paying the most attention not to what the pundits are predicting but to our clients.

We’re motivated by the essence of what we can help create by empowering brands and their agents, or ambassadors, to stay connected with their customers in authentic and powerful ways, and the only way we succeed is when we spend the time it takes to truly understand and tap into what makes their products and services different and better.

We are anything but mechanical, despite that we have some of the best engineers in the world improving the mechanics of CX across all those channels.

We think big with our clients and the programs we design for them are truly designed for them, as every enterprise, small or medium business, government organization or agency and non-profit are different.

While we started our journey as a company over a decade ago, known for our ability to source the very best people to deliver the very best service, based on the successes we enjoyed as true partners with our clients, today we have expanded our offering beyond our initial vision. With over 300 projects successfully completed for many of the most amazing brands, start-ups and non-profits in the world, we’ve grown to help our clients transform, deliver, and sustain meaningful customer experiences that are core to their future.

And while we remain humble and appreciative for these opportunities to serve, it does feel good for our team to be recognized as the most respected customer experience consulting and managed solutions companies around.

We push ourselves to transform to meet the changing needs of our clients and the market, because we are laser focused on getting real business results: increasing customer satisfaction, increasing revenue, reducing unnecessary costs, and impacting tangible business outcomes.

We dedicate a CX leader to every client and have a vast pool of leading consultants ranging from VPs of contact centers to CX technology experts, with an exciting ecosystem of partners, including solutions providers from across the very best CX enterprises.

Beyond this, our business model allows us to deliver technology-independent solutions for all phases of the customer journey, with gain share compensation that ensures we win when our clients win.

Unlike expensive consulting firms, or low-cost managed service providers, we take pride in everything we do, for every client, every day. While we are proud to be profitable, we never compromise our commitment to quality or try to force our clients into a certain model that works for us – but may not work for them.

Every one of our employees represents the work ethic and values of our company. We are all committed, hard-working experts in our fields. We are self-starters with diverse experience and deep skill sets. We are team players, who are genuinely motivated by the impact of what we do.

Every event is an opportunity.

Eventus works with our clients and partners to make measurable differences – to make customers happy by the millions, in a world where positive energy, delivered at every moment of truth, can contribute to the improvement of real lives, real communities.

If you’re ready to explore the deeper meaning of CX, and the broader success of your team – join with ours.

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