Mike Norton Joins Eventus Solutions Group as Chief Revenue Officer


MARCH 2019


Denver, CO – March 4th, 2019- Eventus Solutions Group, a global customer engagement and contact center consulting company, today announced its recent addition of Michael Norton as Chief Revenue Officer responsible for the strategic sales direction and revenue production of the company. Michael joins managing directors Milos Djokovic, Craig Tobin, Sean Erickson, Geoff Smyth and Rob Rutledge as part of the executive leadership team.

Michael comes to Eventus after serving as the Executive Vice President at Sandler Training and the President of the Zig Ziglar Corporate Training Solutions Team, and the former President of the Zig Ziglar Corporation responsible for all sales strategy and revenue generation for the corporate training aspects of the business. Michael has also held senior leadership and management positions with Siemens Medical Solutions and WebMD. A career business development, selling professional, and entrepreneur, Michael was the founder of two companies dedicated to furthering the personal and professional development of sales teams, sales managers, and business professionals across all industries. Of his companies, SalesRepsOnline.com and CanDoGo.com were two of the very first micro-learning sites focused on accelerating sales success and sales effectiveness through the use of on-demand sales training delivered through everyday workflow systems such as CRM tools.

Michael’s successes have been built on his partnership approach to all opportunities. In his role at Eventus, Michael is uniquely positioned to help drive strategic opportunities for Eventus clients and partners and will be responsible for driving and maintaining the relationships with the Eventus partners alongside the Managing Directors and executive team of Eventus.

“We are excited to add someone with Michael’s personal commitment and passion for his clients and partners success and his sales leadership ability to help take Eventus to the next level. Michael’s 30+ years of expertise in driving business and win-win results enables Eventus to meet the growing demand for the complete portfolio of the Eventus Solutions Group practices. His ability to hire, train, and motivated top business development talent who share the same philosophical partnership approach in helping each of our clients and partners meet with success will add significant value to each client and partner we serve.” -Eventus Managing Director and CEO Milos Djokovic

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