Multinational Risk Management Company Partners with Eventus Solutions Group to Optimize Worldwide Contact Center Technologies




DENVER, CO — Contact center executives strive to balance two competing objectives:  providing excellent service and doing so cost effectively.  In an environment where Omnichannel communications are key to providing a competitive difference, implementing and sustaining contact center technologies is critical.  The executives running contact centers for one of the world’s largest risk management companies had a large challenge to overcome to remain competitive in the ever-changing competitive landscape with inefficient and non-scalable technologies. To help them, they hired the contact center consulting experts from Eventus Solutions Group to help improve voice channel experiences, expose external client portals and to modernize their knowledgebase environment to a more advanced platform.

Companies often leverage disparate systems across multiple customer channels within their contact centers.  They typically struggle with maintaining and expanding ongoing operations while updating the supporting systems due to the inherent process complexity involved.  To help manage ongoing costs, contact centers leverage existing systems and often create multiple workarounds that directly impact the customer while incrementally increasing cost and reducing customer satisfaction. Due to the nature of this Client’s business, they have customers everywhere, along with multiple contact centers distributed geographically.

To help this Client optimize their contact center technologies, Eventus implemented an advanced knowledgebase solution to increase the consistent messaging necessary in a distributed contact center environment. Also, Eventus is upgrading the voice channel infrastructure to help vastly improve the customer experience while enhancing the Company visibility into the customer interactions.  The approach allows the company to address two key concerns facing contact center executives today – customer experience insights and consistent customer messaging – both aimed at improving client interactions and managing cost.

Eventus began by assessing the information silos resident within the company and designed a scalable knowledge architecture and complementing roadmap.  Parallel to the technology implementation, Eventus assisted the Company in establishing repeatable content management processes that maintain knowledge relevance using both technology and training. The Company deployed the knowledge management solution across multiple contact centers and external customer sites to help realize an improvement in consistent customer messaging.

To complement the knowledgebase efforts of the Company, Eventus led the design and deployment of an external customer portal aimed at helping enable customers to service themselves better. Through the use of a single-source knowledgebase, Eventus was able to display only relevant customer information via the portal while also displaying more in-depth information to the contact center.

To help the Company gain insights into the customer experience, Eventus led a voice channel assessment that identified opportunities to improve customer experience, increase visibility through reporting and streamline the overall customer voice interactions. The assessment delivered a clear roadmap based on key changes and configurations to the existing voice channel infrastructure with the addition of new technology, enabling more detailed customer information.

“With companies continually trying to balance costs while improving customer experience, distributing knowledge efficiently to both customers and the people who serve them, complimented with a dynamic omnichannel strategy, enables companies to efficiently and effectively do both,” said Milos Djokovic, Eventus Solutions Group Managing Director.

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