Five Key Consideration When Launching a CRM Shared Service


JUNE 2016


As customer engagement and contact center consulting experts, one of Eventus Solutions Group’s areas of focus has been Shared Services initiatives. A new generation of cloud-based contact center technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise communications are creating renewed interest in Shared Services based on these technology platforms. In the past year, Eventus has worked with multiple Fortune 500 class organizations on global shared service deployments of cloud-based CRM platforms. Based on our experiences from these projects, we have written a new whitepaper describing five key considerations organizations should evaluate before deploying a cloud CRM-based shared service initiative.  Click here to download a free copy of this new whitepaper, CRM Shared Services: Five Key Considerations.

Shared Services economies of scale have tremendous potential to deliver efficiency and effectiveness improvements. Previous business models such as outsourcing allowed multiple organizations to utilize common services provided by a single organization. New business models involve multiple systems, processes and partners connecting in shared virtual environments across the organization. The challenge is coordinating the shared environments to maximize the benefits.

CRM Shared Services, powered by modern cloud-based CRM platforms, is a concept that makes economic and business sense for a growing number of commercial and government organizations. In this paper, we review five key operations and technology areas to evaluate when considering a CRM Shared Service deployment that we have derived from recent CRM shared service engagements.  These key areas to consider are:

  • Business objectives
  • Business structure considerations
  • System architecture considerations
  • Governance considerations
  • Implementation considerations

While this paper has focused on CRM in contact centers, the Shared Services model can also be applied to other technology platforms such as enterprise communications. In fact, Eventus recently deployed a cloud- based ACD/IVR platform for a large healthcare company that will support multiple internal business units as well as external outsourcers.

If you are considering deploying a shared service based on a cloud-based technology platform, click here to download CRM Shared Services: Five Key Considerations. For more information on how Shared Services could benefit your customer service organizations, please contact Eventus Solutions Group to speak with one of our senior experts.

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