Small Team Approach Delivers Big Savings for Major Healthcare Insurer


JUNE 2015


In the Age of the Customer, technologically empowered members expect responsive, proactive support from their healthcare insurance providers across multiple communications channels. At a time when many healthcare organizations are still struggling to identify and meet current expectations, one major healthcare insurer was focused on what its members will want in the future, and how its contact centers will help meet those needs. To help, they engaged a small, highly experienced Eventus Solutions Group contact center consulting team to perform a strategic contact center assessment.

The healthcare plan was near the completion of a multi-year contact center strategic plan and wanted to rationalize its management approach to several vendors, several hundred internal agents and a larger number of vendor seats. Eventus came in to map out a new contact center strategy and roadmap that would leverage existing infrastructure, address marketplace conditions and position the healthcare plan for continued growth and service leadership.

Through a full review of the plan’s service management operation that included evaluating and benchmarking all existing vendors, Eventus identified over 100 different areas of concern in contact center practices. Eventus consultants developed strategic options and associated service tactics to address the gaps, then collaborated with the organization to develop the final strategy and roadmap. The entire process took over four months.

Final recommendations included areas such as vendor management, skills-based routing, telephony modernization, training/QA program overhauls, knowledge management and new communications channels. Together, these recommendations will improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing costs. The roadmap identified immediate annual savings of over $20 million, with the potential for an additional equivalent amount in future annual savings.

“Today payers, providers and state health insurance exchanges must comply with the Affordable Care Act and meet increasing service-level expectations,” said Craig Tobin, Eventus Managing Director. “Whether you are missing your goals today or are worried about achieving your goals tomorrow, a strategic contact center assessment is an essential step for getting on a roadmap to success.”

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