Make Customer Focus the Business Objective


JUNE 2015


In a recent whitepaper we identified 12 steps to help organizations achieve customer engagement excellence. The first of those steps is “Make Customer Focus the Business Objective.” While this may seem like a very basic change, it is a very important shift in your organization’s culture that helps create the best possible foundation for the remaining steps.

Customer-focused organizations consistently outperform their competitors. They understand that customer interactions don’t start and stop in the customer care department. Every employee in every department of the organization has a clear understanding of customer expectations, knows how his or her job impacts the customer and makes decisions with the customer in mind.

When it comes to interacting with companies, most customers expect a seamless experience. When they call the company, they expect the person they’re talking to be aware of or have instant access to information about previous interactions. This expectation remains as they reach out to different resources, different departments and through different channels. The operational implications stretch well beyond the purview of the contact center, and become a data-sharing imperative for the entire enterprise. Contact Center success is largely dependent upon effective alignment of quality assurance, training, human resources, operations and finance.

The consumer and impacts on customer experience must be a focal point in all decisions across the business. Make sure business goals, systems configurations, policy decisions and resources enable a seamless customer experience.

Customer-focused organizations rethink the way they measure contact center performance. Operational efficiency is no longer the sole measurement of success. World-class contact centers use voice of the customer feedback, the cost to deliver support and the voice of the employee inputs to triangulate on overall performance. Operations and training organizations leverage ongoing closed-loop feedback from the customer to continually improve; and reporting dashboards incorporate Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and other key performance indicators (KPIs) that ensure the business and its employees are focused on customer experience.

If you would like to learn more about the other steps you should take in order to achieve excellence in customer engagement, click the image below to download a free copy of the whitepaper.

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