Colorado Health Exchange Starts Strong As Federal Exchange Falters



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It’s no secret that the Federal Exchange and its website has not been working as planned, but even more bad news has come from Washington this week as it seems that a malfunction in a key technology behind the exchange’s website has left even more frustrated users unable to apply for coverage.  While many Americans are stuck dealing with this nightmarish situation, there are a few states out there that have chosen another route when it comes to the healthcare exchange.  A total of 18 states opted not to subject their residents to the federal government’s exchange and instead create and run their own state healthcare exchanges.  So how have these states faired in comparison to the Feds’ exchange?  Many, including Colorado, have done quite well.

While the federal government’s website, has largely been ineffective (let alone operational) Colorado’s has garnered praise from both the community and outside sources as an overall success.  The site has been nearly completely functional (minus a small flaw in creating an account initially) since the exchange’s opening and provides a full range of plans to choose from, a search function to narrow them down by coverage, premiums and other factors as well as a comparison tool that helps you view possible plans side by side, even in an excel document!  Beyond the website, Connect for Health Colorado has also worked with contact center consulting group, Eventus Solutions Group to build a highly effective and efficient healthcare call center that provides specialized customer service information for confused Coloradans regarding healthcare options, requirements and dates among other things.

While much of the credit for such a smooth roll-out must go to the people at Connect for Health Colorado, Eventus was able to provide its own helping hand by building and implementing the state’s call center and its CRM.  With the help from experts in the field with decades of experience as well as knowledge of what state healthcare exchanges require (Eventus has helped both California and Maryland implement call center technologies for their healthcare exchanges as well), Connect for Health Colorado has been able to provide countless Coloradans with the information they need to help them make informed decisions on their healthcare decisions.

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