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In the eyes of, customer satisfaction is everything.  That’s why they’ve searched for and implemented some of the latest and most innovative contact center solutions that are helping to drastically improve satisfaction and resolution numbers.  What’s the key to this success?  A 3-tier targeted approach focusing on better trained employees, better processes and the implementation of new technologies.

The People Side of Match’s Contact Center

The dating site has taken a good look at its contact center employees and worked to improve the training of their agents.  With the help of a more targeted training and management staff as well as a more detailed training program, agents now come into work with a better understanding of’s customers, what issues they may be facing and how best to resolve them.  A new monetary incentive structure was also put in place to push employees to provide only the highest service for their customers.

The Processes Behind the Scenes

As highly trained agents become more valuable in the system,’s executives and management have begun looking to them to stay more connected with their customers.  Meetings between high level management and these agents look to provide up-to-date information about overall customer satisfaction levels, comments and concerns so that they company as a whole to work toward creating the most customer-friendly service possible.

The Technologies that Make Everything Tick

Finally, Match has worked to implement a variety of different technology solutions to help create a faster, more responsive and accurate customer solutions center.  The use of Oracle Service Cloud helps agents connect with users of smart phones while new IVR technologies allow customers with basic questions to handle their issues quickly over the phone.  A major reason for the success of these technologies is the reasons for their implementation; to stay connected with their customers in ways that are most convenient and preferred by them.

Through Match’s 3-tiered approach, customer satisfaction levels have dramatically increased across all mediums, resolution figures have also increased while call times have been lowered.  If you’re looking for similar contact center solutions that can provide similar results for your center, be sure to contact Eventus Solutions Group and better understand your operations, applications and infrastructure today.

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