5 Way Oracle Can Reduce Chat Handling Times



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Providing your website visitors with chat functionality is a must in 2013. Being able to speak with a real person about any questions or comments trumps waiting on hold on the phone or the lengthy back-and-forth of email, and the ease of use encourages people to initiate conversations with your representatives. But if your live chat system is slow, inefficient, or has long wait times, it can drive potential customers away and frustrate existing ones looking for support. Improving your chat service will increase your revenue and improve customer loyalty, and allow your agents to provide exceptional service. There are many companies offering solutions to fix your chat program, but only Oracle RightNow has the track record of significant improvements for clients. Here’s five ways that the RightNow Chat Service can reduce your chat handling times.

  1. Mutiple Chats

As obvious as it is, by giving your agents the ability to handle more than one chat at once, while still providing great service, you will drastically reduce waiting times for your chat service. Because of the knowledge base available to your agents and customers through the Oracle RightNow chat system, your agents will be able to quickly and effectively guide customers to the answers they need and deliver relevant information to multiple customers at once.

  1. Canned Text Fragments

Of course you want your agents to handle every chat respectfully and focus on the problem at hand, but wait times can be significantly reduced by utilizing RightNow’s text fragments system to help agents communicate with customers. Instead of waiting on customers, your agents’ time will be spend diagnosing and addressing issues, resulting in a better use of their expertise and time and better results for the customers.

3.Oracle RightNow Guided Assistance

The Guidance Assistance system allows you to build guides that lead customers through a series of questions and answers to help direct them to the information they need. Sometimes the customer doesn’t need to sit in a chat queue, and the Guidance Assistance can help move them towards the answers they need. If their question needs to be answered by one of your agents, the system can easily get them in touch, but many simple questions can be answered by automated guides that you can arrange through the RightNow system.

  1. Reduce Staffing Needs.

The RightNow technologies system can actually reduce both your chat handling times and the number of agents you need working at any given time. Instead of a huge number of agents slowly handling chats, you’ll be able to leverage the Oracle solutions to have a smaller number handle the same number of chats, provide better answers through the Knowledge Base, and still respond to important questions quickly.

  1. Chat Wait Time

Customers feel better about the time they do spend waiting when they know approximately how much longer it will be before an agent can address their questions. The Oracle RightNow system keeps customers informed about their place in line and the wait time, while giving them access to information that can potentially answer their questions. You’ve already drastically reduced the wait time through the RightNow solutions, so with a reduced wait time, your customers’ questions will be handled quickly.

Oracle RightNow is a proven and powerful solution to help revolutionize your entire chat system. It’s worked wonders for Angie’s List, a leading consumer review website, by giving their chat agents the tools they needed to handle the exponential growth of the site. No matter what industry you are in, if your site has a chat system, you have room to improve your service, and Oracle RightNow is the industry standard for lowering chat handling times, improving revenue, and increasing loyalty from your customers. Eventus Solutions Group can provide the top-to-bottom change your call centers needs, from training employees to project management to tech solutions like RightNow. Contact us today and find out more about the real, transformative change that your company can experience!

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